Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign     /      Date of Completion: Spring 2017

The purpose of creating the poster and booklet is to introduce a talk by graphic designer Lucille Tenazas. In order to make it aesthetically appealing, I brainstormed many ideas and decided to research her style in order to incorporate her design style into the poster and booklet to make it more personal, allowing the potential audience to get a glimpse at what she does and how her work is. I also decided to visualize her background story of getting inspiration by travelling by incorporating elements such as the globe and the boxes. By interpreting her work and story through the poster and booklet, I was also able to mix in my own personal design aesthetic to keep it original.

The design elements of the poster and booklet are similar yet unified to make the two works more cohesive. Firstly, I created the poster with the mindset of interpreting Tenazas’ work, by creating elements that are repetitively present in many of her works, such as the mashup of three dimensional elements and two-dimensional objects. She also enjoys breaking down typography and reconstructing it in a fresh perspective, so I chose to incorporate text that is in a similar style. In terms of the colour scheme, I mainly focused on pastel colors for the background and bold colours for the foreground to put contrast and emphasize on important information. Since one of the base elements I chose were boxes, I chose to use the lines of a three-dimensional box to make a grid system for poster and booklet. The effect is subtle yet effective in creating a lively atmosphere for the designs. The design of the booklet was inspired by the poster, using elements pulled from certain parts of the poster on each page. The three-dimensional box grid is evident yet subtle. Not only does it look visually interesting, it also makes it an effective cohesion between the poster and booklet.
Initial Drafts
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