Programs Used: Trimble SketchUp and Rhinoceros     /     Date of Completion: Winter 2017
Always intrigued by the atmosphere and aesthetics of rooms and different settings, the exploration of application of colors was done to determine different atmospheres of the rooms.
Mood Experimentation
Calm and Clean Atmosphere
Colors Used: Light Colors
Light colors gives the room a clean and calm atmosphere. The use of light colors allows the place to look more spacious than it actually is.
Calm and Neutral Atmosphere
Colors Used: Different shades of green, light and pastel colors
The focus on green shades allows the place to look naturally aesthetically pleasing and calm. The neutral color of green makes the place comfortable to the eye.
Masculine and Dark Atmosphere
Colors Used: Tinted and muted colors
By using dark and tinted colors, it caused the room to look a lot smaller. Furthermore, it adds masculinity to the room.
Mysterious and Chaotic Atmosphere
Colors Used: Saturated primary colors
The use of concentrated saturated colors for several of the furniture pieces makes them pop out from the room.  The mixture of using all three of the primary colors makes the room confusing to look at, as if it is too vivid to concentrate on.
Colour Scheme Experimentation
Complementary Color Scheme
Colors Used: Blue and Yellow
The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when the colors are highly saturated.
Analogous Color Scheme
Colors Used: Light Green, Dark Green and Blue
Using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, they usually match well and comfortable designs that is aesthetically pleasing.
Triad Color Scheme
Colors Used: Green, Purple and Orange
Triadic color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant, even if one use pale or unsaturated versions of hues.
Split Complementary Color Scheme
Colors Used: Red, Green and Purple
Split complementary has the same strong visual contrast as complementary, but it creates less tension due to the even distribution of colors.
Final Chosen Atmosphere
Although there is no right or wrong to the atmosphere of a room, the ultimate goal of interior design is to set the most comfortable atmosphere that can fit most people’s tastes. The room I chose as my final personal best is the room that I feel that can suit most people’s preferences.
The use of complementary colors is subtle yet effective. The reddish toned wood flooring complements the green in the wall, plants and carpet. The main color of the room is green, as it is a neutral color that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the subtle uses of blue and and dark colors adds masculinity to the room, creating a balance between femininity and masculinity. The overall atmosphere of this room is calming and comfortable. It is a room that is suitable for people of all ages and tastes, which is the main goal of this exploration.
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