Programs Used: Rhinoceros and Keyshot     /      Date of Completion: Spring 2017

The purpose of this project was to design a trade show booth for a company of my choice. I chose West Elm, a modern furniture retail company. I focused on displaying their new furniture in a manner where it looks like it is on display, yet comfortable yet suitable enough for potential customers to come in,look around, sit down and talk about possible deals with staff. 
With only 20'x20' to work with, the space is designed to make the small space look airy and spacious. Three sides of the four are designed to allow customer flow, in and out, and the remaining wall has a glass wall so that it does not look restricted. In order to accommodate private meetings as well, two conference rooms were designed. The bottom room has glass walls to ensure that the conversation held is private, yet still creating a sense of openness. The top room is elevated to 12 feet above the ground, ensuring privacy, as well as being able to overlook the showroom below and the other trade booths nearby.
Rhinoceros Model
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